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Alice St, Newtown
400 George St, Sydney
Campbeltown Hospital


Development - Construction - Subdivision





have emerged as a prominent survey firm having built their acumen and success on providing a professional and flexible service whilst producing a cost effective product to its clientele having resources to enable it to provide surveyors throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia with its goal to becoming the major survey company on the eastern seaboard of Australia.


Specialists in survey services for large-scale mixed use developments with a multi national client base and the experience gained from projects throughout Australia and South East Asia ranging in scope from high-rise commercial and residential towers, through to sporting arenas and swimming centres.


The Company is committed to an ongoing Occupational Health and Safety Programme with our Quality Assurance Systems being continually developed with the background of ISO 9000 with change to remain relevant and up to date with legislative and client driven requirements.


The company does not operate to so called "normal" working hours but strives to provide a totally flexible approach to accommodate our client's urgent survey requirements. It is the attention to urgent work, professional approach and personal service which has given the company its established client base.

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